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Thank you for your interest in Shanab Shawarma, we are happy that you join our family and you own the brand. We are looking forward to meet customers who are passionate and committed to success, looking for excellence in their field and eager to obtain our brand, which is based on providing unparalleled service and taste, and continuity in these principles.


What are we looking for?

A Passion for Food
Shanab Shawarma is characterized by the taste that makes you eat at your own home and this is a result of the passion stemming from our family members who prepare and serve food in addition to our use of the best fresh ingredients daily.

A Sense of a Big Heart
The staff in the restaurant are the ones who represent the brand, so they require hospitality, generosity and a smile in the faces of customers to create a family atmosphere.


Why Shawarma Shanab?

Our food
One of the hallmarks of Shanab Shawarma is the food and items that we offer, which are prepared on demand directly in front of customers using fresh ingredients and a variety of delicious toppings.

As long as Shanab Shawarma was distinguished and unique when it added to the world of shawarma, starting with the process of preparing it and the development in the use of tools and the distinction of the varieties it provides with its finest details that you cannot find anywhere.

Supported Team
In this family we work as one unit to reach the best results, and upon joining the Shanab Shawarma family, you will get endless support that starts from the moment of agreement and continues along the way.

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